Well, it’s been a busy year in the workshop and the arena for ARC Robotics! We can look back on it with mixed feelings, mostly good. So what have we done?

    • We started with a working heavyweight, then we added a weapon which made it not work
    • We redesigned Big Dave 3 who is scheduled for completion soon
    • We had a workshop, then we lost it for reasons beyond our control, then we gained some bits to rebuild the workshop
    • We have a fully operational battle station featherweight robot in CMIYC
    • We’ve been to a number of live shows as competitors, from Manchester to Portsmouth,  as well as the FRA UK championships in Stevenage!
    • CMIYC caught fire
    • CMIYC got lifted by a crusher featherweight, which kind of went viral…
    • And we watched glorious amounts of Robot Wars
    • Aaand we helped build a featherweight in a weekend:

If you told me at the start of the year I would have done all that, I would probably do it all over again! However, as you can see we have had a lot of obstacles to overcome. However, now we are much more in control of our design and the workshop, which shouldn’t disappear overnight like it did 6 months ago!

Happy New Year!


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