Tis the season of goodwill, and in the festive spirit Ali has brewed a delicious beer, inspired by our heavyweight! Called Big Dave 3’s Nuts (and Bolts) here’s some tasting notes of his festive brew:

“It’s a nutty brown ale, with added spices suited for the winter months and complementing the flavour. It’s reminiscent of Big Dave 3 in many ways. The colour is similar to the lubricant we use (although I can assure you it doesn’t taste like the lubricant!). At 5% it packs a solid punch, like the drum spinner we use. Much like Big Dave 3 it also delivers instant results!”

As Ali doesn’t sell his beers on any basis, you may ask him via our social media channels for a bottle to celebrate our robots great and small! Whether he will part with his bottles is a different story altogether…

P.S. Here’s a video I found of what Dara O’Briain would act like if Robot Wars was set in a truly dystopian environment…

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