Alistair (Ali) Galt

Ali is the designated driver for ARC, who enjoys driving games and motor racing from time to time. From a young age he was captivated by Roadblock and the awesome power of Hypnodisc in the original series’ of Robot Wars. He met Rob in school and spent many hours with him making and breaking things in design and technology classes and clubs, as well as filming Greenpower student cars and going to Scrapheap Challenge Roadshows. ¬†He is also a committed Red Dwarfer (and an ex-White) and a middle-distance runner in his spare time.

Robert (Rob) Keyes

Rob is the main designer of Big Dave 3 as well as the bad-ideas-in-chief guy. Although he’s got a keen interest in mechanical engineering and a love of things that go bang, Rob is a¬†cinematographer by trade, and designed Big Dave 3 mostly through trial, error, late nights and energy drink. Makes himself useful by knowing how to use pretty much every machine in the shop to at least some degree of competency, and is the one responsible for getting the trio together. A hearty advocate of the WD-40 and Duct Tape approach, he’ll be the one zip-tying Big Dave 3 back together after matches.

Chris Malton

Chris is the electronic wizard of the trio. An IT consultant by trade, Chris has a strong background in electronics thanks to his friends at the University of Southampton’s Electronics and Computer Science department. With a little bit of help when needed, Chris has designed and built the vast majority of the electronics for Big Dave 3, including our custom remote monitoring equipment for real-time in-battle feedback. He’s also the one who’s responsible for sorting this website out…. so blame him when it doesn’t work!