Catch Me If You Can
Class Featherweight
Type Vertical spinner
Top speed 16-18 mph
Drive system 2 x Turnigy SK3 280kV/320kV 1.5kW Motors
Weapon(s) 2.8kg vertical drum at 9000rpm
Power Electric
Batteries 1 x 22.2V 4500mAh LiPoly

Catch Me If You Can is Chris’ pet project. It all started in February 2017 as Chris’ employer decided to send him to Manchester for a conference on 20th April, 2 days before the Extreme Robots Manchester live event. The opportunity was almost too good to miss, but, we weren’t targeting a robot for then, we were aiming for Portsmouth (two weeks later).

After a bit of deliberation (and knowing that there’s only 10 weeks to get the challenge done) and quite a bit of encouragement from John Findlay, director of Roaming Robots, Chris decided that it was worth going for – after all it would be a spectacle if nothing else.

So, Catch Me If You Can is designed around being fast, built fast, quick to take apart, quick to put back together… and built in double quick time.