Big Dave’s Little Brother
Class Featherweight
Type Vertical spinner
Top speed 13 mph
Weapon(s) Vertical drum spinner
Power Electric
Batteries 1 x 22.2V LiPoly

Big Dave’s Little Brother is almost a mini-Big Dave, but not quite.

As Rob, designer, puts it: Wedge, meet drum.

Note that, as this is a side project of, essentially, a side project, progress will be slow. ┬áThe plus side is that it’s small enough and light enough that we can basically pick it up and move it without needing an army of people.

We’re going to be trying a few new things for this build – alongside knowing things like the size of Chris’s 3D printed battery boxes, Ali’s love for slalom courses and Rob’s slightly crazy ground clearance obsession, we’re aiming to go for 4 driven wheels this time, with bevel gears driving them. We’re also going to try to make this one very cheap, by either reusing bits that we already have, keeping to off-the-shelf bits and making as much as we can ourselves.

Initial CAD layout