AWS 55 has been and gone. What happened*?

  • We used ARC’s (read Chris’s) brand new Antweight arena and it worked! OK, the floor wasn’t perfect and the software threw a hiccup a couple of times, but other than that the actual event seemed to largely go off without a hitch. It handled 6 1/2 hours of constant fights and 2 royal rumbles!
  • We filled out the venue to just about maximum capacity- nearly 100 antweights! If it gets any bigger we may have to consider doing the event outdoors!
  • We had the championship switch hands once again – congratulations to “Test Robot, Please Ignore”/”Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared” by Alex Shakespeare! Despite the weapon appearing to explode into pieces during one fight (in reality the weapon motor mount failed and it ripped the entire weapon superstructure off into its constituent pieces), it still won the bout!

Check out our social media here to find videos of the event and more!


* No, really. I haven’t seen the video feed. If it’s not online, it didn’t exist, right??

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