So, it’s the night before Antweight World Series 55. What is this, I hear you cry? And how come the other 54 iterations of said institution haven’t lit up the world yet? And how are going to remedy this situation?

  1. Antweight World Series is also known as AWS. As you can probably guess, there have been 54 previous editions of it. Antweights (regulations here) have to be less than 150 grams and are one of the few robot fighting weight categories where there is also an upper size limit – a 10cm/ 4 inch cube, to be precise. Often these little guys can pack a punch with the novel weapons they have!
  2. Chris has been very hard at work on the new arena we’ve been publicising on our social media recently. It will have a variety of new features that we have never seen in an antweight arena before.
  3.  Chris is hosting the 55th iteration of AWS at Dunchurch village hall, nr, Rugby, 30th June 2018, 9-5. Dead centre of the country, easy to reach by car/public transport.
  4. There are reckoned to be over 80 people turning up (as of 29/06/2018)
  5. Team ARC will be in attendance. Need I say anymore?

To quote Faruq from Battlebots – It’s robot fighting time! 

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