Here’s something to listen to in the background of any important project- the pre-fight tinkering of robots on event day. This was on set at Robots Live in Stevenage, before the UK Championships 2017. Unedited bliss. Oh, and some of the weird conversations that Ali and Rob sometimes have…

NB NOT FOR CHILDREN¬†as it does contain swears. Rob stood just a little too far away from the mike so his audio is a bit patchy. Alongside this there are high-pitched and high-volume machines, hammers banging on things, testing robots in the arena before the show etc. Not recommended at high volume as that Dremel (which is used frequently early on) really is like having a dentist’s drill inside your mouth (although I could have stood a bit further away from the mike)!!


P.S. We do love all our team members, human or otherwise, but sometimes the frustrations can boil over when the various bits don’t stay together and you are trying to hit a deadline…

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