So, last week, I set off to Glasgow, hellbent on watching as much robot carnage as possible – something that I feel I achieved.  It was, of course, the recordings for Series 9 of our beloved TV show: Robot Wars.

Now…. I’m going to be truthfully honest, I don’t actually know whether it’s Series 9 or Series 2….. The crew were definitely wearing hoodies suggesting Series 2…… but we’ve definitely had 9 series…..  Unless they’re “forgetting” the previous 7 series.

Anyway – I shall not reveal too much information about what’s still to come, other than it left me slightly overwhelmed with where things have gotten to.  Whatever we face when we finally qualify (and I sincerely hope we do), I am confident it will be a spectacle for all to watch.

Rumour has it (according to Reddit) that the new series will air in February. I’m not sure how right they are – but it “feels” right with the information we have.

And that… is as far as I can reveal for now.  We are now taking a bit of a break over Christmas in terms of building, but we’ll be back in the workshop early January.

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