OnĀ the evening of the 10th of December, Big Dave 3 took some seriously important first stepsĀ – we hooked up the belts to the drive and the motors to the belts – and started driving! Here’s a quick video of Ali learning the controls – at this point in time, the acceleration curve on the controller was almost on/off, so Dave was extraordinary twitchy!

Music by http://www.purple-planet.com

Sunday’s testing was moved to a larger, outdoor testing space, where we saw that Big Dave really knows how to move!

We’ll be taking a break from doing any major workshop-based building over Christmas and New Year, but we’ve got plenty to do. Alongside a to-do and to-order list that’s longer than most people’s arms, all three of us will be on the blog and updating with thoughts on driving, points about the new/old Robot Wars series, LiPo care, Weaponry design and so many more pictures!

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