So, as we get to the end of the sixth week of building, suddenly it’s lots of steps forwards.  Actually, more like revolutions forward (and backward).  We’ve got a rolling chassis on the featherweight.  I’ll let the video do the talking:

We mounted that board on the top just to get things rolling.  Sadly, we don’t have our tyres yet for grippiness we couldn’t test outside – but that will soon be fixed, courtesy of the bakery where I go to get lunch…. (Yes, I do mean this).

As you can see we have a bit of a problem with the speed controllers – but that should get sorted when the new TZ85As (which have become the de-facto standard for featherweights running brushless it seems) turn up and get reflashed with the SimonK firmware.  Massive thank you Ellis from Pulsar for giving us the instructions and tips on how to do that!

Expect very little in the way of updates over the next week as not a lot will happen while we wait for the machine shop to mill everything for us but the following week should be a huuuge update.

P.S. Since the awesome people at Mentorn (who produce Robot Wars) were asking for featherweights as well as heavyweights for Series 3 (more properly, Series 10), we’ve applied with this robot as well as Big Dave 3.

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